Archie Cullen
Archie Cullen
Biographical information

1900; Mississippi





Physical description






Hair color


Eye color

Black (when thirsty)

Skin color


Family information
Family members

Jessamine Cullen (mate)


Cullen Coven


Archie Cullen is a precognitive vampire and member of the Cullen Coven.


Early lifeEdit

Born on 1900 in the state Mississippi, Archie was taken and admitted to a mental asylum under accusations of having gone mad with the supposed visions of the future. While in the asylum, he befriended a young woman named Mary Alice Brandon. Despite been separate from their families, Archie discovered that Mary had the same power within herself, and the two treated each other as siblings. During their time together, Archie and Alice befriended Kumboh, who was revealed to be a friendly and gentle vampire. One day, while playing cards, Archie and Alice both had the same vision of coupel of trackers named James and Joss coming after them. After explaining this to Kumboh, the vampire decided to save them by turning the two into vampires.

During their transformation, Archie and Alice continued to have visions of drinking blood from animals and becoming members of a family. Hoping that happy future would come true, their transformations were complete, but their creator was killed by James and Joss. When the two sadistic killers found them, Archie and Alice's blood was already fully turned and they decided to let them live a savaged existence to see how they might turn out in the future. When the two awoke, Archie had a vision of himself meeting a young woman named Jessamine while Alice would meet a young man named Jasper. In order to meet them, Archie and Alice became vegetarians.

In 1948, Archie and Alice knew that they could still have human food, espically vegetables and tea that would calm their nerves and thirst for blood. They traveled to Philadelphia, and met Jasper and Jessamine at an empty diner. Two years later, they joined the family and got married a short time after.Archie had come to love everyone in his adopted family, but grew increasingly fond of Edythe, who understood the burden of his supernatural talent. Sometime after joining the family, he attended several high schools and colleges.

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