"With courage, you dare to live."

  — Florence Jones

Early Life

Florence Rosa Jones "Ren" was born August 18th, 1885, in Goldfield, Nevada, to Lana and Andrew Jones. At the age of three, on May 2nd, her younger sister Stella Serena Jones entered the world. She originally lived with her parents, until one day she came home from school with Stella to find them gone. The only clue she had as to where they went was a note that said, "Please forget you ever had parents." Florence spent at least six years trying to find her parents. Stella, though she too wanted to see her parents again, spent her time working as a model in Forks, Washington. The night Ren came to visit her, she was gang-raped and left on the streets to die. Carslile smelled blood and changed her into a vampire, a second after her seventeenth birthday.


She found loyalty in the Olympian coven, where she became good friends with Rosalie, despite their difference in appearance, but both wishing to have children. She spoils Renesmee, due to the fact she is a lot like Stella, who died before she could visit her. Later, when she visited Forks to see her sister's grave, she found out that her parents had been turned to vampires and left their children because they thought they would be too dangerous. Though all are immortal, Florence still holds an eternal grudge against them and believes they caused the sudden death of her sister, though she really died from a heart attack.

Florence later adopts a lonely ten year old girl vampire who is ironically named Estella. They develop a mother-daughter relationship and love each other dearly.

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