Oliver James OliverJames1300
James Cooper-Cross
Biographical information

5th February, 1900


21st July, 1823 (Aged 23)



  • Mut (By Aro)
  • Jimmy (By Damian)
Physical description






Hair color


Eye color
  • Brown (Human)
  • Topaz (Normal)
  • Dark Grey (thirsty)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
  • Ski lodge Clerk

James Cross is a tracker Vampire who enjoys the hunt. His senses of smell, sight and hearing are beyond even most vampires, which aide him greatly in hunting. He never lost his quarry.

Life Edit

Very little is known about James human life, other then he was born or at least lived in Toronto in the 1920-1930's, and that he comes from a lower middle class family. His father was abusive and would beat him regularly. One night while walking home he was attacked by a vampire, he got bitten and walked home while the venom spread, when he got home he passed out and awoke reborn... his first meal an unlucky teenager.

James is a powerful Vampire who had a violent reputation and was left alone by other vampires. He later massacred an group werewolves who banned together to try kill him, his violent reputation caused him to be alone for a long time, Until he met Daniel, Alex and Jessica Cross. He quickly joined and adapted easily to there "vegetarian" lifestyle. Becoming a close friend of Daniel's. He also became a firm believer in Daniel's fight for independence form the Voltori.

After joining James began to have feelings of love for Jessica and the two began an everlasting romance. When the Coven moved to Whistler he Got a job at a Ski Resort as a lift operator and ski guide. James is more in touch with his animal side and is known as a wild boy and is well known on the local party circuit.


  • James is much more primal then the other members of his clan, due to his "Carnivorous" past
    • Some Attune this to his harsh childhood.

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