"Don't you dare assume anything about who I am. I may be this little pretty girl to you in your eyes, but I'm not. I swear, if you ever come near my family again I will tear you to pieces.


―Lily Hale
Lillian Gwen Hale
Biographical information

August 30th, 2008; Forks, Washington

  • Lily (Preferred)
  • Lil (Family/Ethan Rider)
  • Lily Bean (Masen Cullen)
  • Princess (Aidan Hale)
  • Polly Pocket (Aidan Hale)
Physical description

Hybrid: Half Human & Half Vampire





Hair color

Pale Blonde

Eye color


Family information
Family members

Lillian Gwen Hale or "Lily" was born on August 30th,2008 in Forks, Washington to Gwen and Matthew Williams. She is the daughter of Rosalie Hale and Jacob Black and sister to Aidan Hale. Lily is a hybrid, half human and half vampire. She isn't known to have any powers except for the fact she has "Twin Telepathy" with her brother Aidan. She is the 2nd eldest of all the Cullen children, right behind Renesmee Cullen her cousin. She's one of the main protagonists in Sibuna826twihard's Sunrise Saga and the love interest of Lux Lamia, Ethan Rider. 

Biography  Edit

Lily and her brother Aidan were born at the beginning of Sunrise. There birth mother, Gwen Williams, was found by Alice and Jasper Cullen in Oregon. Alice had been getting strange visions of Gwen and even the twins for some reason, so her and Jasper decided to investigate. They ended up finding Gwen, alone and dying in a cabin. Her husband, Matthew Williams, was murdered two days before by Lorenzo because he wanted the twin hybrids. Gwen didn't want to become a vampire without Matthew, so she ended up dying from childbirth. Aidan and Lily were then placed under the care of Rosalie Hale and her husband Emmett Cullen. Rosalie had taken care of Gwen during the last few days of her pregnancy and at request named the twins Lillian and Aidan. 

Lily and Aidan grew up happily in the Cullen family, in fact even though the first few months of their life were spent worrying about Lorenzo, they were happy.  Lily gained a lot of traits from her adoptive parents and even resembles to her adopted mother with her beauty, fierceness, and protectiveness. She has always been the most girly out of her cousins and the sassiest. 

In Noon Sun when the family moves to New York City, Lily is more than excited. She's always wanted to leave the islands since she was about three, physically fourteen. She has a dream of traveling the world while at the same time attending high school and living a stereotypical 'teenage dream'. Lily becomes popular fast in school and becomes best friends with fellow school mate, Carly Johnson. In Noon Sun it is also when Lily begins to really develop feelings for her fellow coven member and family member, Ethan Rider. Lily is very confused by her urges, and begins to try and develop feelings for someone else.