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Mavro Clan
Founding information
Founding time

Late 15th Century

Founded by
  • Unnamed Shape-Shifter Shaman (deceased)
  • Unnamed Ancient Vampire (deceased)
  • Mavro Tribe
  • Mavro Pack
  • Mavro Coven
  • Mavro family
  • The Old Ones
Membership information
Special characteristics
Special abilities
  • Noble Family (1600s to 1900s)
  • Super-Corporation Figureheads (Mid-1900s to present)
  • Volturi (briefly, betrayed)
  • Cullen Coven (briefly, alliance voided)
  • La Push Pack

The Mavro Clan was the original Clan of Vampire-Shifter Hybrids in the Rise of the Hybrids series and appear as early as Season one - Rise of the Full Moon, due to their heritage they are incredibly powerful and are capable of courting the moon to gain even greater strength for themselves from its silver rays, the surviving generation of the Mavro Clan are the Grandchildren of the Last Spirit Chief: Taha Aki.



  • Incidentally, "Mavro" is the Greek word for "Black", the last name of the primary Shape-Shifter Family in La Push.

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