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I am bella swan And my world has changed, ever since I heard the melody that led me away from my sis reneesme and to my beloved Emmett I don't care if he and his family are loners, and everyone says to stay away from him and the rest of his family I will find someway to get him to love me and not his girlfriend He must be mine, I demand it, there is no way around it, I watch him WHIle He is sleeping, isn't that romantic? Yeah, I know, totally. I also enjoy following him everywhere, I can't believe he thinks i'mcreepy...

I wish he loved me back, he is always on my mind and I can't stop thinking About him.... I have to find some way to get closer to him, someway for us to become friends, and eventually he is going to fall for me and I am going to hook his girlfriend with Jacob because he has a crush on me and keeps creeping me out With his stalking and watching me when I am sleeping

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