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You are MINE now, edward.... Not Bella's, MINE I've never not gotten what I want, so I don't see why that should change It wasn't that hard, I just came to your house with the rest of us. I convinced aro to go along with it because I was such a good asset to them. After all, I kept them together by controlling their bonds, creating them, Destroying them.... I have always loved you, I admired your control freak nature And the fact that your " love" was so important to you. You are chained up in my room now, Jane is at the ready, prepared to torture You if you struggle to hard. Bella was NOTHING compared to me, she was a weakling compared to me, and I was jealous of how perfect everything was for her.especially since I knew she didn't deserve it at all. I am Chelsea, and I deserve to have it all.

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