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Santo Dolcesconi
Biographical information

September 14, 1701
Padova, Veneto province, Italy


May 31, 1752
Venice, Italy

Physical description






Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Family information
Family members
  • Lucretia Dolcesconi (wife, deceased)
  • Malia Dolcesconi (daughter)
  • 9 other children, deceased

Santo Dolcesconi (September 14, 1701 - May 31, 1752) was the father of Malia Dolcesconi. Malia was his second child, and according to her, Santo was a poor fisherman/farmer who had travelled to Venice hoping to find wealth. His wife Lucretia gave birth to Malia at age 19. In 1750, when she was 37, she died while giving birth to her tenth child, causing Malia to rush home from her job. Malia was interrupted on her way home, got attacked by a vampire and transformed into one herself. With a good ability to resist human smell, Malia was still able to attend Lucretia's funeral. Her ultimate test was to resist the "delicious" smell of her father Santo and her siblings, and make them believe her red eyes were due to her long crying. After she left, Santo reportedly outlived Lucretia for only two more years. Malia notes the descendants of her siblings, Santo's children, still inherit Venice under the Dolcesconi name.

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