Tara Connor - Sin

They turned the body around, It was Sin's. "One of the horrible offspring. She looks young though, Really young." The man said. "We're close." I had just saw, A death of a CHO.

Early LifeEdit

Sin was a love child to two made vampires (Meaning they were bitten not born.). Her mother's name is Lyicane Caan but she thought it would be better if Sin had a diffrent last name so 's husband wouldnt know and wouldn't think of it. So Sin was released into the world as a 'Traveling Agent'. She is a good fighter although she does cause Renesmee's death. To replace the name Renesmee in the book of life, located in the house of life Sin had a daughter named Renesmee Van 'Deuu. Her plan did work but Renesmee was a human-vampire hybrid like Renesmee Cullen was.


  1. Lyicane Caan (Mother)
  2. Matthew Vois (Father)
  3. Sonny Vois (Step-Mother)
  4. Unknown man married to Lyicane (Step-Father)
  5. Renesmee Van 'Deuu (Daughter)
  6. Arisjn Dhs (Possiable Half-Sister)

Sin Van 'Deuu


August, 12, 1942


June, 20, 2010


Coven of Life - CHO Vamp. Offspring



Changed by

No one, Born Vampire

Hair Color



Red Black



Basic Ablities

No information


Tracker Ablities

Too many parameters

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